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Project Background: 

A new, exclusive OREO flavor would be unveiled at Walmart in Mondelez wanted shoppers to get excited about it.

The Team: 

I worked as the ACD on this project, and collaborated with a UX designer, Social Media Manager and an Account Sup—as well as a sister shopper marketing agency—to concept and pitch the idea of voting among three different flavors and creating a "campaign" for them. Once pitched and awarded, we then built out this fully-responsive site in three phases: voting, vote tallying, and announcement of winner.

The Work:

The digital environment:, as well as several influencers' blogs and social channels. Over the course of this program, we whipped shoppers into a frenzy by having influencers "campaign" for their preferred flavor, debating each other on Twitter and sharing out downloadable assets, coupons and demo info to keep shoppers checking in for updates. There was also a weekly $100 Walmart gift card giveaway to sweeten the deal a little more.

The Outcome: 

Cookies & Creme is the big winner! Look for it in Walmart stores.

Stats That Matter:

176,457 votes were cast (42,013 were unique; visitors could vote once daily)

48,181 sweeps entries

1:44 dwell time

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