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Project Background: 

A new luxury brand of cosmetic brushes, Bold Metals, was headed for nearly 1,000 Walmart stores, and faced stiff competition due to its higher price. The typical Walmart shopper would need to see the value, and the typical luxury beauty buyer wouldn't consider Walmart as a beauty destination.

The Team: 

As the ACD, it was my job to help guide a shopper strategy to reach people that would buy the brushes. We chose to focus our efforts on beauty bloggers, who we knew would swoon over the design and quality, and be utterly delighted to discover that they could be obtained at a Walmart price. I guided an Art Director and a Copywriter toward the winning concept: Makeup Shakeup.

The Work:

Several beauty bloggers were given brushes with which to experiment, as well as a store locator, several high-value Walmart gift cards to award as prizes and other assets to effectively drive shoppers into stores.

The Outcome: 

This campaign wrapped in September 2015, and results were very positive: 15,263 likes on Instagram; 7,038 visitors to; over $200K in sales.

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