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Project Background: 

Crock-Pot was having a Kleenex problem: everyone knew the name, but not as a BRAND. 

The Team: 

I worked as the ACD on this project, and collaborated with a Social Media Manager as well as an Account Sup to strategize who the Crock-Pot shopper was, who it could be, and how we could change the conversation around this kitchen sidekick.

The Work:

We inherited the Crock-Pot site as it currently is built, so any changes we made had to conform to the existing buildout. Additionally, the clients requested that we make our conversation central to recipes—as they had a database of roughly 1,000 that they'd sourced over the years. So we chose to center our focus around "creativity in the kitchen" and "following your food muse." That's how Create Something Delicious came to be. We then used foodie influencers, who created their own Crock-Pot recipe how-to videos, to drive traffic to the site, and get people talking about the brand again. Once on the site, the revamped UX led them to discover a new recipe based on inspiration - flavor cues, regional cuisines and more. All meant to bring out one's inner food muse.


Stats That Matter:

This campaign drove over 460,000 users to the website, an 8% increase over the previous year! Plus, viewers were highly engaged, with a 66% stick rate and 40% engagement.

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