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Project Background: 

Despite being in-market for 20 years, Dino Buddies had no branding, advertising or digital presence...and the clients were looking to change that quickly.

The Team: 

I worked as both ACD and writer on this assignment, due to an extremely tight budget. Side-by-side with a senior art director, we collaborated very closely with our client to quickly pull together a wireframe and messaging strategy, and then with a dev to build this simple site.

The Work:

Because we chose to speak to millennial parents, who are big on fun, the site creative reflects this with character quizzes, coloring pages and whimsical copy and design that appeals to the kid in us all. It's also educational, helping parents understand nutritional info, varieties and other important details. And, in order to ensure that this great new site gets seen, we're in the process of creating social channels that will drive directly to it.

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