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Project Background: 

EcoTools, a brand of eco-friendly beauty brushes, was launching a full portfolio of products (beauty, hair and bath) exclusively for Walmart, and they wanted to make shoppers aware of the total offering.

The Team: 

As the ACD, I guided the team toward a concept, Bring It All Together Beautifully, and my partner on the social media team worked her connections to engage with The Beauty Vanity's Alyson Alconis, a beauty blogger who was game for a new challenge.

The Work:

We utilized Alyson in a series of tutorial videos, featuring the EcoTools products and driving her viewers to Walmart to purchase.

The Outcome:

This video content, shared across Alyson's blog, Facebook and Instagram channels, resulted in 29K clicks to the EcoTools e-commerce page on Additionally, sharing the content and a rebate offer via Ibotta garnered another 13K purchases.

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