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Project Background: 

Energizer needed a quick-turn program to help move product in Q4...which meant they needed to stay top of mind during the holiday season, when flashy, big-ticket items, like electronics, tend to take center stage.

The Team: 

I worked as the ACD on this project, and collaborated with a Social Media Manager as well as an Account Sup to concept and pitch the idea of "Keep the Fun Going." We brainstormed together to devise the tactics, how the plan would come together, and what the concept would mean to shoppers, out in the real world, during Black Friday at Walmart (it doesn't get more real than that!).

The Work:

We tapped into the chaotic fun of the holiday shopping season with a social outreach program that reminds frenzied Walmart shoppers to pick up batteries. Influencers started the conversation, talking about the season's hottest toys, and using that opportunity to remind followers to keep the fun going, literally, with Energizer batteries. Shoppers also received a "hot gifts" cheat sheet to tell them which items would be a hit under the tree—as well as which batteries each item required.

Stats That Matter:

27% conversion via Shopkick receipt scans

33,000+ units moved in Q4

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