Project Background: 

Our clients came to us with a toughie: get people who suffer from chronic pain to consider purchasing a heating pad. The tricky part is that these folks are on a regimen of prescription-grade meds and physical therapy, and wouldn't view heat as a strong enough source of relief.

The Team: 

As the ACD, I spearheaded the ideation and brainstorming, as well as lent my strategic expertise, to shape this concept—working alongside a social media manager, account planner and art director, as well as a production team on set and a multiple-location dev team to build out the digital experience.

The Work:

We landed on the idea of "the original pain reliever," and brought it to life by illustrating how heat has been used for relief throughout history. After a lengthy shoot, we added our video to the Sunbeam site, along with a diagnostic tool that helped users select the product that would best assist in relieving their specific pain type.

The Outcome: 

Influencers drove 22K engagements, half of which clicked through to our site experience to learn more. In addition, our Shopkick activation educated shoppers in-store with the video and a detailed lookbook, driving over 9K purchases.