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Project Background: 

The Bathery is a house brand for the Target retailer, manufactured by our client. Since the poufs and other bath accessories for this line weren't placed near the typical liquid body soaps, it wasn't performing, sales-wise, as well as hoped.


The Team: 

As the ACD, I helped strategize how to turn Guests toward the Specialty Bath section, where The Bathery was placed in stores, alongside handmade soaps, salts and scrubs. We created the concept of "Soak It All Up," showing Guests the value of The Bathery, and how it helps makes those soaps, salts and scrubs work harder. A simple beauty secret was unlocked!


The Work:

A handful of beauty influencers created tutorials to educate Guests, revealing which accessories from The Bathery to pair with those pricey, spa-like soaps, salts and scrubs—for an unexpected and affordable beauty treatment.


The Outcome: 

This campaign wrapped in November 2015, and results were very positive: over 12,000 likes, comments and shares across social media, as well as 4,000 clicks through to a Cartwheel coupon redemption that drove Guests into stores to purchase.

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